Alpha LAMbda Chapter

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The Alpha Lambda chapter is a diverse group of 91 members, including current brothers from India, China, Venezuela, South Korea, Panama, and other countries around the world. Our chapter's alumni network extends even further to Australia, Ireland, Denmark, and the Bahamas! 


Our brothers pursue degrees in Business Administration, Economics, Health Policy and Management, and the Advertising/Public Relations in a Business & Entrepreneurship immersion. Many brothers also pursue second majors or minors in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Public Policy, Journalism & Media, History, and several foreign languages. Additionally, multiple of our current brothers are GLOBE program participants.


Outside of academics, our brothers are very involved. We have brothers who are student athletes and are members of the basketball, football, tennis, and club soccer teams - we even have intramural sports teams composed of Delta Sigma Pi brothers. Several brothers are also involved in Panhellenic and IFC organizations.



Abbott, Camille
Abraham, Alyssa
Adams, Elli
Agrawal, Tarini
Akila, Hidy
Alberse, Michael
Barth, Kevin
Brummett, Laura
Burkard, Georgia
Chaundry, Zain
Chavis, Tyler
Chemmanam, Reuben
Chen, Vincent
Claffey, McKenna
Clauser, Will
Clay, Hayden
Damiano, Alex
Davis, Noah
Dikes, Jonah
Estrada, Ricky
Fogarty, Jackson
Freidenrich, Lindsay
Gadudasu, Abhinav
Gardner, Will
Garner, Emma
Garner, Jake
Girma, Emmanuel
Gobbi, Livia
Gonzalez, Isabella
Gujare, Parth
Hall, Harrison

Harrison, Jack

Helms, Alex

Henriques, Andrew
Holmes, Sara
Howard, Liz
Howard, Sara Scott
Hwang, Jack
Jackson, Peter
Jamrog, Chris
Jones, Cameron
Katsnelson, Jen
Kazazian, Baird
Klein, Eric
Kmiec, Gabby
Koch, Denisse
Kolodich, John
Lange, Tim
Larson, Chloe
Li, Jason
Lutz, Charlotte
Mallik, Ananya
Marcinkeviciute, Ramune
Marrocco, Carissa
McDonald, Natalie
Moore, Hailey
Morrison, Ezra
Musuvathy, Sanjeev
Ogu, Chibby
Palmer, McCauley
Park, Nathan
Pascasio, Cloe

Passalacqua, Briana

Pearson, Rennie

Pentz, Julia

Perumal, Anuttam
Prat, Xavi
Purner, Shane
Ridegway, Tori
Roach, Savannah
Sang, Daniel
Shah, Preeya
Sisson, Michael
Somosky, Katie
Song, Zoe
Soni, Nikky
Spence, John
Starnes, Cameron
Takalpati, Manas
Taylor, Ellie
Tran, Ben
Vahey, Cole
Wang, Ellen
Warlick, Trey
Washburn, Zach
Whelan, Mary Kate
Wright, Alec
Wright, Beth
Yi, Jeff
Zezzo, Madison
Zhou, Michael

Our chapter by The numbers


Average GPA of the Alpha Lambda Chapter


Percent of brothers that applied and were accepted to the Kenan-Flagler Business School


Percent of brothers that are pursuing more than one major

Where we go

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What we care about

Delta Sigma Pi is committed to all social causes that impact the members of its diverse brotherhood, and beyond. When surveyed, the Alpha Lambda chapter's brotherhood cited mental health, racial inequality, and climate change as the top three most relevant and important social issues of our generation.