Alpha LAMbda Chapter

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The Alpha Lambda chapter is a diverse group of 103 members including current brothers from Switzerland, South Korea, Peru, Brazil, and other countries around the world. Our chapter's alumni network extends even further to China, Germany, Denmark, and the Bahamas! 


Our brothers pursue degrees in Business Administration, Economics, Health Policy and Management, and Advertising/Public Relations through a Business & Entrepreneurship immersion. Many brothers also pursue second majors or minors in Statistics, Computer Science, Public Policy, Journalism & Media, History, and several foreign languages. Additionally, multiple of our current brothers are GLOBE program participants.


Outside of academics, our brothers are very involved. We have brothers who are student-athletes and are members of the club and intramural sports teams. Many of our brothers also hold leadership positions in cultural organizations, community outreach programs, and other professional organizations. Several brothers are also involved in Panhellenic and IFC organizations.

Abraham, Alyssa

Acharya, Anaisa

Agrawal, Tarini

Atkinson, Luke

Barros, Carol

Beckom, Anna

Berger, Hanna

Bronson, Hawley

Casis, Isabella

Chase, Ethan

Chaudhry, Zain

Chaverin, Julia

Chavis, Tyler

Chiu, Steven

Ciani, Olivia

Clauser, William

Clay, Hayden

Davis, Noah

Dempsey, Kelly

Dikes, Jay

Escobar , Daniella

Evenson, Noah

Fang, Daniel

Felman, Caroline

Fleeher, Reagan

Gadudasu, Abhinav

Gardner, Brad

Garza, Alessandro

Gerstein, Will

Hemberger, Theresea

Henriques, Andrew

Hong, Jessica

Howard, Carter
wang, Jack
Jackson, Peter
Jangala, Rohan
Jin, Andy
Kaper-Barcelata, Patrick
Kazazian, Baird
Kemal, Yonas
Khan, Daniyah
Kim, Alan

Kim, Chris
Kirkman, Nick
Kmiec, Gabby
Kouchi, Hunter
Kruger, Juan Luis
Kusic, Ivor
Larson, Chloe
Larson, Elijah
Li, Lisha
LuisKruger, Juan
Mallik, Ananya

Manus, Kate
Manzano, Christopher
Marcinkeviciute, Ramune
Marrocco, Carissa
Mecia, Emily

Milburn, Addie
Mohan, Anshu
Moll, Connor
Moore, Hailey

Mraz, Zachary
Musuvathy, Sanjeev
Naranjo, Daryl

Nataraju, Neha

Park, Nathan
Pascasio, Cloe
Passalacqua, Briana

Pearson, Annabelle
Pearson, Rennie
Prat Fernandez, Julia
Purner, Shane
Rangi, Jovan
Ridgeway, Tori
Saborio Perez, Marco
Sang, Daniel

Schmeil, Thompson
Shah, Aashna
Shenoy, Anki
Sisson, Michael

Skulsky, Mike
Smith, Emmy
Soni, Nikky
Springate, Holly
Takalpati, Manas

Teague, Hunter
Tran, Ben

Tuck, Izzy
Vahey, Cole

Vahey, Megan

Vecchiarello, Nicolas

Villalon Centenera, Santos
Viney, Cade
Warlick, Trey
Whitehead, Emily
Wright, Beth
Yi, Jeff

Ziade, Zoe
Zutshi, Surya

Our chapter by The numbers


Average GPA of the Alpha Lambda Chapter


Percent of brothers that applied and were accepted to the Kenan-Flagler Business School


Percent of brothers that are pursuing more than one major or minor

What we care about

Delta Sigma Pi is committed to all social causes that impact the members of its diverse brotherhood, and beyond. When surveyed, the Alpha Lambda chapter's brotherhood cited mental health, racial inequality, and climate change as the top three most relevant and important social issues of our generation.

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